Fit Connect

Gap in Specialty Care

91 million US adults live with arthritis–the number one cause of disability–and most are unaware that exercise can actually improve pain and function. Those not receiving recommended physical activity, have more pain, depression and limitations. Studies show that health care providers’ recommendations are among the strongest predictors of activity in adults with arthritis, but little is known about how to connect patients with arthritis-approved physical activity programs to improve pain, function, and mood.

We are partnering a health system and local YMCA through an electronic health record referral system to connect arthritis patients to Walk With Ease, an evidence based arthritis activity program.

Does It Work?

Pilot test pain scores improved an average that was more than studies of ibuprofen in arthritis.
Activity reports, walking speeds, and mood scores improved.


Contact us at cb4@medicine.wisc.edu for more information.